Celebrating 100 Years

For 100 years, Tweed Heads Bowls Club has been an icon in the local and greater community. On the 12th May, we will be celebrating our 100th anniversary and take the time to look back at our amazing history over the last decade. Discover all the major milestones in “Our History”, read the untold stories from our long serving staff in “Our Stories” and explore the positive impact the club has had others  in “Our Community”.


The Tweed Heads Bowls Club was founded in 1921 by a group of dedicated people with a pioneering spirit who wanted to build a firm foundation for future progress.

The club started life on the banks of the beautiful Tweed River directly under Point Danger in a modest clubhouse located on Coral Street. This was the start of the Tweed Heads and Coolangatta Bowling Club.


1974- 1988





Our stories

Julie and Annette…

Julie and Annette…

“My mum used to do the afternoon teas at Coral Street when I was a kid of 11 years old.” – Julie

“Once when we were working there was robbery upstairs and the chefs cased the robber all the way out to the carpark” – Annette

“My first job here was to hold up the FULL HOUSE sign outside the club. Once two people left the club, two people were allowed to go in. I would do that from 5-9pm. There were always ques and ques down to the road.” – Annette

“The club was always so busy, there would be up to 20 buses in the carpark across the road.” – Julie

Gail and Chris

Gail and Chris

“I worked at the original clubhouse in Coral Street and I moved with the club to Florence Street. When the club moved in 1975, there was a need for more staff. People would be lining up for miles just waiting for an interview at the club.” – Gail

“Within 6 months of opening the new club house, they had paid off the loan. There would be 5 rows of people lined up to the bar.” – Gail

“The members Christmas parties were a huge hit! All areas of the club were packed and the members enjoyed free food and drinks.” – Gail

“The club was such a great place to work, we were always known as the friendly club. The turnover of staff was about 1%.” – Gail

“The live entertainment was great for the club. One of the acts had a real tiger, the tiger was keep in a cage for a few hours and the chefs had to feed it a steak!” – Chris

Robyn and Tracy

Robyn and Tracy

“In the early days at Florence Street, for the afternoon tea, two ladies would make all the sandwiches and cakes in the morning to serve for the social bowls afternoon tea.” – Robyn

“When Tony Patano performed at the club, the club had an employee in the carpark directing cars as it was so busy.” – Robyn

“The kids club used to be a huge hit for families, there would always be a waiting list to get in.” – Tracy

“Live entertainment was always free at the club, but when it became $2 a ticket to see a live show. Members and visitors did not accept the changes and numbers began to drop rapidly.” – Tracy


Tweed Heads Bowls Club plays an integral part in supporting local and wider community. In 46 years, Tweed Heads Bowls Club has donned over $9 million to the Tweed Community and the game of Bowls. Many aspects of the community would simply not exist without the helping hands and generous donations from the club. It’s not just cash donations that have made a difference, it is the many dining and gift voucher that we have donated to these groups to use in their fund -raising efforts. The Club has always been proactive in giving to people in need throughout the local community including disability services, age care, charities, hospitals, school programs, sporting clubs and even other bowling clubs. We have had SUPPORTED over 1,000 communities.