Bowl Parties

Book your Christmas Party Indoor Green or Outdoor Under Lights

Platters Available Prices Members Discount 10%

Wedges Platter $44 (for 10 people)

Beer batter seasoned wedges with sour cream and sweet chili sauce

Sandwich Platter $88 (for 10 people)

Mixed sandwiches

Beef Sliders Platter $99 (for 10 people)

2 beef sliders per person

Finger Food Platter $110 (for 10 people)

Sausage roll (2pp)
Party pie (2pp)
Vegetarian spring roll (2pp)

Finger Food Platter $165 (for 10 people)

Pork belly with sweet chili sauce (2pp)
Quiche Lorraine (2pp)
Party pies (2pp)
Sticky chicken wings (2pp)

BBQ sausage sizzle $8.50 pp (Min 20 people)

Sausage and bread (2pp)

Burger bar $15.00 pp (Min 20 people

Beef burger (10)
Chicken breast (10)
Salad buffet

BBQ on the balcony $31.50 pp (Min 20 people)

Rump steakette
Beef sausages
Chicken satays
Grilled onions
Salad buffet

Bread rolls and butter